Imsys launches IEEE 1588 development kit

Vasby, Sweden — Imsys Technologies AB has introduced a development platform for the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol. The SNAP 1588 Development Kit hardware platform comes with an integrated timer block for clock synchronization.

The IEEE 1588 2002 is part of the LXI Consortium, Ethernet Powerlink and Ethernet/IP standards. Revision 2 of the protocol, which will include many enhancements, is expected to become public later this year and allow for a sub-microsecond accuracy thereby satisfying the telecom industry's requirement for use in base stations, said Imsys.

The 1588 Development Kit is an easy to use tool and includes an API where time and frequency can be adjusted by the application program. A periodic output, PPS, and a user specified frequency such as 10 or 30.72 MHz can be achieved. The developer can choose between a mix of ASM32, C and Java programming languages.

Imsys is cooperating with Zurich University of Applied Science, ZHW, for the
implementation of the protocol stack.

Availability: The SNAP 1588 Development Kit hardware platform is shipping mid April 2007 followed by the 1588 protocol stack software in mid May.
Product information: IEEE 1588

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