Increased power handling from compact PNP

One of the first products from the Zetex Generation 5 bipolar process, is the ZX5T2E6 PNP transistor, which offers a switched load power handling capability of 70W in a miniature SOT23-6 package.

Characterized by the Generation 5 low saturation voltage, and from a reduced component resistance, the ZX5T2E6 provides designers with a high efficiency solution for battery charging, DC-DC converter and general power management tasks.

This 20V PNP transistor exhibits a 130mV maximum VCE(sat for an Rsa rating of just 31mΩ and can sustain a continuous collector current of 3.5A. Its high hFE capability also helps minimize the drive requirements the gain offered at 1A for example is at least 300.

The latest addition to the Zetex range of Miniature Package Power Solutions (MPPS), the ZX5T2E6 uses the sub 3mm2 footprint and maximum 1.45mm off-board height of the SOT23-6 package to help designers optimise board size.

The price of the ZX5T2E6 through distributors is $0.27 in quantities of 10,000.

ZX5T2E6 Data sheet

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