Inductors offer low DCR values, power savings for DC/DC converters

Malvern, PA — A new series of low-profile surface-mount inductors in the 2525 package size has been announced by Vishay Intertechnology. Devices in the IHLP-2525AH-01 series are specified for saturation currents up to 40 A and offer typical DCR values as low as 3.0 mΩ in a package measuring 1.8 mm high.

These new additions to the patented IHLP series of devices provide lower DCR values than conventional solutions. Devices in the low-profile Vishay Dale IHLP-2525AH-01 series offer higher-performing, space- and power-saving solutions for dc-to-dc converter and energy storage applications in end products including computers, servers, telecom, and automotive electronics, as well as in high-current power supplies and point of load (POL) converters, distributed power systems, and field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

In addition to their 1.8-mm [0.071-in.] height profile, the new surface-mount inductors feature a compact footprint with dimensions of 6.47 mm by 6.86 mm [0.255 in. by 0.270 in.]. The series' saturation current ranges from 8 A to 40 A, and typical DCR values range from 3.0 mΩ to 76.6 mΩ over a standard inductance range of 0.1 μH to 4.7 μH, with a tolerance of ±20%. At full rated current, IHLP inductors feature an inductance drop of less than 20% – a lower inductance roll-off than is provided by ferrite materials.

IHLP-2525AH-01 inductors handle high transient current spikes without saturation and operate over a frequency range up to 5 MHz. Packaged in a 100% lead (Pb)-free, shielded, composite construction that reduces noise buzz to ultra-low levels, the new devices are specified for an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C with high resistance to thermal shock, moisture, mechanical shock, and vibration.

Samples and production quantities are available now. Lead time for production quantities is 8 to 10 weeks. Pricing for U.S. delivery only in 10,000 piece quantities starts at $0.82.

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