Industrial qualified MOSFETs improve RDS(on)

Munich, Germany – International Rectifier has announced a new range of trench HEXFET Power MOSFETs, IR5752 series, featuring benchmark low on-state resistance RDS(on) in a TO-247 package for synchronous rectification, active ORing and industrial applications including high power DC motors, DC to AC inverters and power tools.

N-Channel MOSFETs range from 40 to 200V

The new MOSFETs feature an improvement of up to 50 percent in RDS(on) over competing devices, eliminating the need for large and expensive packages typically used in industrial applications, and cutting overall system cost. Moreover, the low RDS(on) results in lower conduction losses and improved system efficiency.

The RDS(on) ratings from this family allow designers to reduce system cost by as much as 50 percent by avoiding large and expensive ISOTOP or mini BLOC packages typically required to dissipate heat in high current industrial applications.
The new family of N channel MOSFETs provide a voltage range from 40 V to 200 V. The devices are qualified to industrial grade and moisture sensitivity level 1 (MSL1). The MOSFETs are offered lead free and are RoHS compliant.

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