Inertial sensors simplify, lower cost of motion sensing for instrumentation

Analog Devices has expanded its iSensor intelligent sensor family to include two new inertial measurement units – the six-degrees-of-freedom ADIS16405 and the four-degrees-of-freedom ADIS16300. The ADIS16405 is a complete inertial sensing system that integrates a three-axis gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer, while the ADIS16300 is claimed to be the industry's lowest cost, precision multi-axis inertial sensor.

With all necessary motion testing and calibration performed at the factory, the ADIS16405 features 0.05 degree rate-sensor orthogonal-alignment-accuracy and an angular random walk of below 2.0 degrees/√hr and temperature stability of 40 ppm/°C. All its sensors are accessible over a standard SPI interface, which also allows control of internal digital filtering.

The ADIS16300 integrates a single-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer, which are factory calibrated for sensitivity, bias, alignment, and linear acceleration. Similar to the ADIS16405, the ADIS16300 features an improved SPI interface to provide faster data collection and configuration control.

Angular rate sensing can be selected for ±75, ±150, and ±300°/sec dynamic range, with ±3-g tri-axis acceleration dynamic range. The device offers a 350-Hz bandwidth, and up to 1,200-SPS sample rates, with further digital filtering embedded and programmable. A flexible mounting approach enables easier implementation of roll and pitch axis rate sensing.

The ADIS16405 is packaged in a 23 x 23 x 23-mm module, with samples available now; the ADIS16300 is packaged in a 23 x 31 x 7.5-mm module and is available in production quantities. Pricing is $412 and $74 ea/1,000, respectively.

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