Inesoft Cash Organizer Desktop: New Approach to Personal Accounts Book-Keeping

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KHABAROVSK, Russia, August 7, 2012

KHABAROVSK, Russia , August 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Inesoft announced launching its new product for financial management – Inesoft Cash Organizer Desktop. The program offers a handy and efficient approach in managing personal funds and financial planning on home PC. Inesoft Cash Organizer has the following differential advantages: the option to be installed at several devices with an automatic synchronizing in the real time as well as data storage in the cloud.

Always running short of money? How about spendings accounting and controlling your expenses? Almost every person sets this or similar range of questions to oneself and purchases or downloads some program for personal finances control for free. Unfortunately, most of such programs are not designed for constant use since the interface is unusable, reports are difficult to be properly adjusted, and in general, many users gave up this hopeless idea having failed to check into their expenses.

Inesoft Cash Organizer was specially designed by Inesoft company as the maximally intuitive solution to manage personal finances. The program supports detailed classification of money transactions split into categories, sub-categories, projects, subprojects, budget planning, unlimited number of currencies with current exchange rates, credit calculators, customized reports and many other options. Moreover, the program can be downloaded for free. Besides, in case of paid Premium-subscription, Inesoft Cash Organizer user gets access to completely new options.

Firstly, subscription is a possibility to operate a program in a multi-users regime (for example, for both spouses or for several business partners). Secondly, on subscription the data of Inesoft Cash Organizer installed at PC and mobile devices are automatically synchronized in real time. And thirdly, the program can be installed at all computers of users with no limits to the number of copies.

Premium-subscription to Inesoft Cash Organizer also provides safe data storage in the cloud (with 256-bit encryption). Third parties' unauthorized access to the data in the cloud is completely excluded, while partners can be provided with a partial access.

Prices and terms

For personal use – free, quarterly Premium-subscription costs USD14.95 , annual subscription amounts to USD29.95 .


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About company

Inesoft company was founded in 1998 and specialized in software development for personal communication devices. Basic products of the company are the following: Inesoft Cash Organizer, Inesoft Phone (Address Book), Calendar, CalcNote, and PrintCE SDK.

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