Infineon brings advanced mobile features to low-cost handsets

Neubiberg, Germany —In an effort to bring advanced mobile phone features such as camera, mobile Internet and audio-entertainment to low-cost markets, Infineon has developed the X-GOLD113 and X-GOLD213, its third generation of single chips manufactured using 65-nm process technology.

The X-GOLD113 and X-GOLD213 integrate the baseband, power management unit, RF transceiver and FM radio on a single die. An ARM11 processor provides the required performance and flexibility required for applications such as a music player, Java, multimedia messaging, e-mail and video functionality.

Available in an 8 x 8 mm wafer level package, the X-GOLD113 combines a GSM/GPRS modem and all necessary features for a music phone like an audio player, stereo RDS FM radio receiver, stereo headset, class-D amplifier, audio codecs, USB interface as well as interfaces for memory card and Bluetooth. The complete mobile functionality can be realized by the XMM 1130 platform on an area of less than five centimeters squared and with less than 50 components.

The X-GOLD213 single chip combines the properties of the X-GOLD113 in the same package size. The X-GOLD213 chip offers additional functionality including an EDGE Modem, interface for up to 3-megapixel cameras, and additional connectivity for A-GPS, WLAN and Bluetooth. The EDGE functionality and the corresponding factor increase of three in the downlink channel data rates makes the XMM 2130 suitable for real web browsing and messaging.

Availability: The X-GOLD113 and the X-GOLD213 are sampling now and will be available in volume quantities in the first half of 2009. The packages will be produced on Infineon's pre-announced innovative embedded wafer level ball grid array technology (eWLB).

Product information: X-GOLD113 and X-GOLD213.

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