Infineon chip brings analog phones to ADSL lines

MUNICH, Germany — With two ADSL2+ chips, Infineon claims it creates a technical basis for telcos to reduce the costs for their infrastructure. The devices aim at the market for customer premises equipment.

The XWAY ARX188 and XWAY ARX182 expand Infineon's product spectrum of single-chip gateways that connect the user's PC and other devices to an ADSL line. The XWAY ARX182 is the industry's first low-cost solution for Integrated Access Devices (IADs) in the market for the low end of the market.

The significance of the product lies in the fact that it allows the design of very simple IADs with the sole purpose to connect an existing analog phone to an ADSL line. This would enable network operators to move their entire infrastructure including the access networks to internet protocol platforms. Thus, they could do away with their obsolete POTs infrastructure without forcing the users to change their analog telephone. According to Infineon, the market is huge since the installed base is in the million unit range in Germany alone.

Both devices support Voice-over-IP at with HD sound quality, Infineon claims. A common denominator is also their computing inner life, based on a dual core MIPS 34 microprocessor. However, while the ARX182 is aiming at the low end of the market, the ARX188 features a broad functionality and data rates beyond the standard requirements of 25 Mbit/s, the Infineon spokesperson said. Its hardware includes protocol accelerator; in connection with available 802.11n wireless chipsets, and Gigabit Ethernet backbones, the ARX188 even supports data rates in excess of 150 Mbit/s. With the chip, the vendor intends to address the needs of routers and other CPE devices designed to support advanced internet usage models including IPTV and file sharing.

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