Infineon integrates two LDMOS power amplifiers in single package

At the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, Infineon Technologies AG (Neubiberg, Germany) introduced an industry first series of dual integrated LDMOS power amplifiers for wireless network base stations. Incorporating two LDMOS amplifiers in a single package, the new devices provide two output power stages, suiting them to Doherty-based amplifiers and for compact designs that benefit from reduced board space.

Two of the new devices operate in the 1800 to 2200MHz frequency range for WCDMA, LTE and TD-SCDMA applications, with output power of either 30W or 40W. The third device operates in the 700 to 1000MHz for WCDMA, LTE and GSM/EDGE applications, with output power of 30W
Doherty-based designs employ separate main and peak power amplifiers to deliver the performance required for 3G and 4G systems. By enabling a reduced footprint for cellular base station amplifiers, the new dual LDMOS integrated amplifiers help address industry requirements for multi-carrier operation from a cell site. Multi-carrier and multi-band amplifier designs are also supported by wide RF (radio frequency) modulation bandwidth.

According to Infineon, typical performance values for these devices are as follows:
PTMA080304M device, in GSM/EDGE application at 28V and 960MHz, has 30dB gain and 28 percent efficiency with Pout of 2 x 6W.
PTMA210304M, in a 2-carrier WCDMA application at 28V and 2140MHz, has Pout of 2 x 3W with 29dB gain, 22 percent efficiency and ACPR (Adjacent Channel Power Ratio) of -48dBC.
PTMA210404FL, in a Doherty-based design for a 6-carrier TD-SCDMA applisystem at 28V, 2017MHz has a 7.5dB PAR and 10W Pout average has gain of 27dB, 35 percent efficiency and ACLR of -34dBc.

To balance cost and performance, the PTMA080304M and PTMA21034M are offered in 20-lead molded plastic packages and PTMA21040FL is available in a thermally enhanced open cavity package. All are ROHS compliant and are in production. For more information, visit

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