Infineon set to sample low-cost 2G/3G/HSDPA platform in June

LONDON — Infineon Technologies AG (Munich, Germany has said it developing a “platform” offering for fast mobile internet access along with “cost-optimized” 3G network connection, which is due to start sampling in June.

The XMM 6130 platform includes a mixed-signal system chip, the X-Gold 613 with analog, baseband and power management functions, together with an RF engine, a reference design, a dual-mode protocol stack with a common software API layer and Infineon's user interface and application framework. Infineon said the X-Gold 613 is due to sample in June 2009 and will be available in volume quantities in the first half of 2010.

The Infineon XMM 6130 is due to support the data rates provided by 3G HSDPA. The platform is based on the X-Gold 613, an integrated 2G /3G digital and analog baseband plus power management functionality, manufactured in 65-nm CMOS technology.

The X-Gold 613 is Infineon’s first baseband dedicated to the low-cost entry 3G markets. The chip is designed for low-cost cellular phones and brings together an ARM11 processor core, multimedia features with dedicated interfaces for camera, display, USB, memory cards and the benefits of a 3G air interface. The device supports, together with Infineon’s low-cost 2G/3G RF transceiver, 3.6-Mbps modem functionality up to 3G dual-band and up to quad-band EDGE.

The XMM 6130 platform is set to follow on from the XMM 2130 platform, presented at last year's Mobile World Congress, which brought internet browsing, music and video, 3-megapixel camera, FM radio and messaging into the low-cost market, Infineon said.

“Having proven to be uniquely successful mobile phones are now for many the only means of gaining access to the Internet. With our XMM 6130 we help to bring cost effective 3G solutions to a mass market,” said Weng Kuan Tan, vice president responsible for the wireless division at Infineon, in a statement.

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