Infineon’s GEMINAX PRO Low Power ADSL2+ Chipset is first class D-based design

Infineon Technologies has launched GEMINAX PRO , the industry's highest-integration and lowest-power ADSL2+ chipset. Consisting of a 16-channel ADSL2+ Digital Front End (DFE) and a 4-channel Analog Front End (AFE), with integrated low-power Class D line drivers, the chipset reduces power dissipation, footprint and overall system costs by up to 30%, in comparison to other chipsets currently available. Additionally, Remote Units (RUs) – typically constrained by power, area and battery back-up requirements – which incorporate the new Infineon chipset will also benefit from significant operational cost savings. In environments where power dissipation values are restricted by standards, for example, the North American Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) standard, operators can now exploit real estate in the central office more efficiently. High power dissipation of currently available ADSL2+ line drivers limits the integration to two channels per device. Infineon's revolutionary switched-mode (“Class D”) line driver technology reduces the power dissipation of the line driver by 50% to less than 350 mW per channel, allowing the integration of four line drivers and AFE channels into a single device. Class D devices use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to generate a high efficiency analogue signal. Infineon Technologies AG , 81541 Munich, Germany.

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