Infinisim Announces RASER for Mixed-Signal Designs

Venice, Florida &#8212 Infinisim, Inc., announced RASER, a simulator specifically designed for mixed-signal ICs. The company says that RASER guarantees SPICE-accurate results and that with a number of benchmark designs it resulted in an average of 50 times speedup and capacity for large mixed-signal circuits. Infinsim is privately funded and its core technologists have been working together for a few years, starting at Simplex Solutions, which went public in 2001 and was later acquired by Cadence.

Underlying RASER's performance is Infinisim's patent-pending Real-time Adaptive Simulation (RAS) technology. RAS adapts to the changing circuit simulation environment at every time-point of the simulation while using the full device models and adhering to the full SPICE accuracy requirements. A number of solvers are used by the engine. At every time-point RAS evaluates the state of each node and assigns the appropriate solver to the node. Using this technology, RASER is able to automatically and simultaneously deliver SPICE accuracy and handle large-scale mixed-signal circuits.

Samia Rashid, the company President, said that RASER is ideally suited to circuits like SerDes, high-speed wireline/wireless communication channels, precision analog interfaces, image sensors, critical paths in SoCs and clock networks. These designs typically consist of large numbers of elements and require SPICE simulation accuracy with high performance. As an example, SerDes transceivers are commonly designed in nanometer process technologies. To ensure that timing and power specs are met, high accuracy and the ability to simulate the entire system together become necessary. At the same time, simulating over operating modes, deep-submicron process variation space and environmental conditions requires simulations to be fast enough to facilitate maximum design coverage prior to tapeout.

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