Input Video Switch – with 75 ohms driver

The UTC M3366 offered by Willi Bacher is a three input integrated video switch to select one video or audio signal from three input signals.

It contains an output driver circuit for 75 ohms load and is able to connect to monitors and TV sets. Its operating supply voltage range is 5 to 12V and bandwidth is 10 MHz. Crosstalk is -70 dB (at 4.43 MHz).

The UTC M3366 contains a clamp function and it can be operated while setting DC level fixed in position of the video signal. Typical application areas are VCRs, security systems, video cameras, and audio/video home equipment.

The M3366 is available in DIP-8 and SOP-8 packages.

Willi Bacher GmbH , 9220 Velden, Austria.

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