Instrumentation amplifier targets palm-sized medical devices

Analog Devices has introduced what it says is the industry's smallest and lowest power instrumentation amplifier (in-amp). Smaller than a pencil tip, the low power AD8235 has been designed with portable medical devices in mind, including wearable home-use medical devices such as electrocardiogram (ECG) monitors and infusion pumps.

ADI boast that at 1.6 x 2.0mm the AD8235 is a third of the size of competing in-amps, and draws half the power – 40microamps (max). With a 6nanoamp shutdown current and 40picoamp bias current, it would also be suitable for integration in low-power consumer-fitness products, industrial pressure and low-side current-sensing measurement equipment.

The AD8235 operates on 1.8V (min) and 5.5V (max) power supplies, a wide power-supply range that eliminates the need for extra supplies. Common-mode input-voltage is 4V and 1.4V on 5V and 1.8V supplies respectively, whilst a common-mode rejection ratio of 86dB (gain=5) eliminates common-mode interference.

The AD8235 in-amp is available in sample quantities now, and is compatible with a number of ADI's digital isolators and amplifiers. For more information, visit ADI’s website.

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