Instrumentation amplifiers deliver lowest offset voltage, first quad device

Milpitas, Calif. — Intersil Corp. has released a family of rail-to-rail input/output instrumentation amplifiers that includes the ISL28470, which the company says is the industry's first quad instrumentation amplifier. This device is also said to feature the industry's lowest offset voltage, and best common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) performance and rail-to-rail input and output capability.

The ISL28470 instrumentation amplifier, part of Intersil's pinPOINT precision analog product line, delivers exceptional accuracy with an industry-leading maximum offset voltage of +/-150 microvolts and typical CMMR of 110 dB, said Intersil. The device is optimized for low 2.4-V to 5-V single supplies and is capable of swinging above the positive supply rail and to 10 mV below the negative supply.

As the industry's first quad instrumentation amplifier, the ISL28470 simplifies designs and reduces costs for applications that require precise and simultaneous monitoring of multiple variables, said Intersil. This quad functionality eliminates the need for multiple duals or single in-amps for most instrumentation cards. In addition, the device offers a board space savings, packaged in a 6 x 9.9-mm QSOP, and is smaller than most competitive two-channel devices currently available, according to the company.

For applications that don't benefit from quad functionality, this new family of rail-to-rail instrumentation amplifiers also includes single and dual versions that feature exceptional signal to dynamic range and voltage offset performance, said Intersil. The single-channel offerings include the EL8170, EL8171, EL8172, and EL8173. The two-channel versions include the ISL28270, ISL28271, ISL28272, and ISL28273.

Pricing: All in quantities of 1,000. The ISL28470 is available now in a 28-lead QSOP package and is priced at $2.33 each. The ISL28270 is available now in a 16-lead QSOP package and is priced at $1.84 each. The ISL28271, ISL28272 and ISL28273 are all available now in a 16-lead QSOP package and are priced at $1.84 each.

Availability: The EL8170, EL8171, EL8172 and EL8173 devices, all housed in 8-lead SOIC packages, are also available now.
Product information: ISL28470,
ISL28270, ISL28271, ISL28272 ISL28273, EL8170, EL8171, EL8172, EL8173, and pinpoint precision analog product line

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