Integrated audio processor targets two-way radios

Winston-Salem, N.C. — CML Microcircuits has introduced the CMX138, an integrated audio processor designed primarily for analog “leisure” two-way radio products (FRS, MURS, PMR446 and GMRS).

The highly integrated CMX138 audio scrambler/sub-audio signaling processor features a user-programmable frequency inversion half-duplex audio scrambler, and a flexible audio processing path, with concurrent audio and signaling operations handled by the integrated sub-audio signaling processor (selectable to CTCSS and DCS modes).

Other features include an auxiliary ADC channel, auxiliary DAC interface with optional RAMDAC to facilitate transmitter power ramping, an auxiliary system clock output and transmit output for single-point-modulation.

The CMX138 offers low-power (3.0 V to 3.6 V) operation with power-save modes. The device is housed in a 28-pin (E1) TSSOP package.

Pricing: $4.00 in quantities of 1,000.
Availability: From stock.
Datasheet: CMX138

CML Microcircuits (USA) Inc. , 1-800-638-5577,

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