Integrated Audio/Video/Graphics Chip With Personal Video Recording Capability

LAS VEGAS, Consumer Electronics Show, Jan. 7 — Broadcom Corporation, a provider of silicon solutions enabling broadband communications, today announced it is entering the consumer television market, with the industry's first single-chip dual-channel HD video/audio/graphics and personal video recording (PVR) solution for digital televisions, as well as for cable set-top boxes, satellite receivers and HD-DVD players.

The Broadcom BCM7038 sets a new standard for HDTV system integration and performance, enabling consumer electronics manufacturers, for the first time, to deliver HDTV solutions with superior picture and sound quality at consumer price values. Additionally, the dual audio and video channels and PVR features in the BCM7038 offer new advanced capabilities not yet available on HDTV systems, such as support for the delivery of HD broadcasting to multiple-televisions in the home, separate HD programs with picture-in-picture (PIP), and HD program watch and record PVR capabilities.

The features in the BCM7038 offer consumers an HD viewing experience that is currently reserved only for high-end televisions, often found only in professional broadcast engineering environments. It is the only single-chip solution that incorporates an advanced 3D Y/C separation circuit, a multi-frame de-interlace circuit and quad video scalars with single pass processing, as well as other proprietary picture improvement functions. Together these features significantly improve the HD picture quality by removing unwanted noise and artifacts as the image is displayed on the screen.

The chip's integrated dual channel HD decoder allows a single system to simultaneously deliver different HD programs to multiple televisions in the home, offering consumers viewing flexibility through one set-top box. The dual channels can also be used to simultaneously display different programs on the television using PIP. They can also be used for the emerging HD-DVD market.

Integrated PVR capability allows consumers to have control over their television viewing experience, by allowing them to watch what they want, when they want with features such as personal viewing and scheduling, video-on- demand (VOD) and VCR “trick mode” effects on two TVs simultaneously. The chip supports common PVR functions such as pausing live programming, recording, and forwarding and reversing through recorded programs, as well as incorporates software drivers to support industry standard PVR platforms, including TiVo and XTV.

The BCM7038 also incorporates a 300 MHz 64-bit MIPS(R) CPU, along with a floating-point processor, which has a very fast path to 400 MHz DDR system memory to support the high-performance needs required by advanced applications. The device also includes Broadcom's 3D graphics engine.

Numerous system cost saving functions have been added to the BCM7038, which gives Broadcom customers the ability to be more competitive in the HD market. These functions include an on-chip IF demodulator with analog video decoder and broadcast stereo decoder, a broadcast stereo encoder with RF modulator, a DVI-HDMI transmitter, an Ethernet MAC/PHY, a dual channel serial ATA controller, and a dual channel USB 2.0 controller. This highly integrated chip, when combined with one of Broadcom's cable, DBS or terrestrial receiver chips, offers manufacturers a complete solution for HDTV applications.

The BCM7038 is available today and is packaged in an 841-PBGA with pricing of $60 each in 10,000 piece quantities.

Broadcom is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., and may be contacted at 1-949-450-8700. You can find more information at .

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