Integrated chip supports new high definition audio interface and current AC97 bus architectures

Allentown, PA. — Agere Systems announced additions to its broad portfolio of modem products, including an integrated, dual-mode modem chip based on the next-generation high definition (HD) audio bus architecture (formerly codenamed 'Azalia') for surround-sound audio, streaming music and video applications. Additionally, Agere announced several complete, single-chip modems for embedded applications as part of its comprehensive set of compact, wired connectivity solutions for PCs, notebooks, set-top boxes, multi-function fax/copier/scanner/printers, and other embedded data communications applications.

With a focus on providing enhanced audio features, Agere is delivering a dual-mode modem integrated circuit (IC) that can be configured automatically to either HD audio bus or the current AC97 audio specification used in millions of PCs and notebooks, without changing the layout, schematic or bill-of-materials of AC97 modem cards. In addition, Agere has developed a new controller-based modem chip series supporting data rates from V.34 (33.6 Kbits/sec) to V.90 (56 Kbits/sec) as well as all V.92 features to serve the external modem aftermarket and embedded applications. Agere's solutions will be showcased at the Computex 2004 trade show, being held this week in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dual-mode modem chip for HD audio
Agere's SV92A2 digital chip is fully compliant with the new HD audio specification, which supports improved audio capabilities for voice and communications applications and serves as the bus for transmitting data between a modem and host PC. A unique auto-detect feature enables the chip to configure automatically to either an AC97-based bus controller or the HD audio controller. This device can also be used in new designs that are based on the HD audio-defined mobile daughter card form factor (MDC 1.5), to save space on the motherboard and lower overall system costs. Using one board based on the SV92A2 IC to support either environment allows modem customers to easily transition to HD audio while continuing to support AC97 products, without the need for recertification.

Agere's modem solution requires less than 50 discrete components for a low bill-of-materials and smaller footprints, providing easier layout and more thermally robust hardware designs. Agere offers a single unified driver to support all soft modem applications.

Controller-based modem chip series
Agere is also offering three separate digital chip solutions that enable integrated, feature-rich and cost-effective embedded designs for external modem products and general non-PC modem applications including multi-function peripherals, set-top boxes, point-of-sale terminals and fax devices. The OCM34, OCM90 and OCM92 digital modem ICs – which support the V.34, V.90 and V.92 standards, respectively – are highly integrated, single-chip solutions that combine controller and digital signal processing functions with no external memory required. In addition, these chips support handset/speakerphone and caller ID applications, serial RS-232 and parallel 8-bit interfaces, and are operating system independent. Available in 48-pin and 128-pin packages, these chips can be used with Agere's 1034S line codec to offer complete, cost-effective modem solutions.

The SV92A2 and OCM products are currently sampling to customers and are expected to be in volume production in third calendar quarter 2004.

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In the U.S. call Agere Systems Customer Response Center at 1-800-372-2447. Customers in Canada may call 1-800-553-2448. Customers outside those countries may call 1-610-712-4323.

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