Integrated front-end module targets WiMAX devices

Beijing, China—Jacket Micro Devices Inc. (JMD) launched the M30001, a WiMAX front end module containing all active and passive components required to interface WiMAX transceivers more directly to the antenna.

The M30001 product line is intended for 4G multi-mode, multi-band applications. According to JMD, the M30001 reduces board space and power requirements, supports virtually any transceiver or baseband architecture, and simplifies RF design through higher levels of component integration.

The product is the newest of JMD's 802.16e family of front-end modules designed to support WiMAX applications in Asian, European and North American markets. JMD's products support the IEEE 802.16e-2005 interface definition, with built-in power detection and coupling.

The M30001 is a fully matched 40-pin, full-duplex front-end module in a 7.5mm x 7mm x 1.4mm LGA package.

JMD's WiMAX front-end modules will be available for sampling in the second quarter of 2007.

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