Integrated modulator reduces component count in broadband satellite apps

Norwood, Mass.—Adding to its broad portfolio of RF ICs, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has introduced a highly integrated modulator for broadband satellite communications applications, such as VSAT (very small aperture terminals).

ADI's ADRF6750 modulator combines four devices into one small footprint. Previous broadband satellite communication designs required a variety of RF ICs to form an IF (intermediate frequency) signal path.

ADI's ADRF6750 modulator saves space, reduces cost, and lowers complexity by integrating an analog I/Q quadrature modulator, fractional-N PLL (phase locked loop) synthesizer, VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) and digitally controlled RF attenuator, all within an 8 mm x 8 mm LFCSP package. It also supports a user-selectable SPI/I²C serial interface that simplifies design and allows maximum flexibility.

Operating within the 950 MHz to 1575 MHz frequency range and on a single 5-volt power supply, the ADRF6750 modulator enables 10 Hz frequency increments, and the integrated output attenuator provides 47 dB output gain control with 1 dB step resolution. The device also features monitoring-output and output-disable-control capabilities. The ADRF6750 modulator's RF performance includes an output compression (P1dB) of 8.5 dBm, output third order intercept (IP3) of 21 dBm and noise floor of -148 dBc/Hz.

Pricing: $5.75 per unit in 1000-unit quantities.
Availability: Sampling now with volume production scheduled for July 2009.

Datasheet: click here.

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