Integrated power switches meet the 1 watt initiative

San Jose, CA — November 10, 2004 — Leveraging its preeminence in power, Fairchild Semiconductor released three new Green FPS products that address 100-250 Watt range switch mode power supplies (SMPS) for applications such as color televisions, DVD receivers, audio devices, and plasma display panels. With the introduction of the new FSCQ series, Fairchild now offers a complete green FPS portfolio addressing 1W to 250W applications.

Fairchild Semi Power Switch

The Green FPS products are highly integrated off-line power switches that incorporate a fully avalanche-rated SenseFET and current mode PWM IC in a single package to reduce system standby power, EMI emissions, total component count and board space. These products feature burst mode operation for standby mode (under 0.1W at 265Vac) to satisfy the International Energy Agency's (IEA) 1 Watt Initiative aimed at reducing standby power losses to below 1 Watt. This standard dictates the amount of standby energy a system's SMPS can consume during standby operation.

“Fairchild continues to respond to trends and design challenges in the growing market for 'green' solutions. These new Green FPS products provide a unique combination of excellent operating performance and low standby power in highly integrated packaging,” said SangTae Im, Fairchild's power supply product manager. “Our FSCQ series products offer system designers solutions for optimizing power and performance in high-power applications such as DVD receivers and color TVs.”

The 100W-rated FSCQ0765RT, 170W-rated FSCQ1265RT, and the 200W-rated FSCQ1565RT are specifically designed for quasi-resonant off-line SMPSs. The quasi-resonant converter lowers EMI, making these Green FPS devices well suited for applications that are sensitive to noise, and allows higher power conversion efficiency compared to conventional hard-switched converters with a fixed switching frequency. Fairchild's Green FPS products feature over-current protection for high reliability in abnormal conditions, as well as built-in soft-start that protects the SMPS during start up.

The FSCQ series products are available in a TO-220F-5L package. The packages are lead-free (Pb-free) and meet or exceed the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020B and are compliant with the European Union requirements, which will take effect in 2005.

Fairchild, the leading supplier worldwide of analog and discrete power components, designs and manufactures products that effectively optimize system power in nearly all electronic applications. In addition to Green Fairchild Power Switches (FPS), this broad portfolio includes PWM controllers, Power Factor Correction (PFC) stand-alone controllers and PFC/PWM combo controllers, error amplifiers/optocouplers, MOSFETS, SMPS IGBTs, diodes, rectifiers and supervisory control ICs. These innovative product families support customer designs by addressing key challenges such as increasing efficiency, reducing standby power, decreasing cost and eliminating excess components.

FSCQ0765RT: US$ 1.49,
FSCQ1265RT: US$ 2.23, and
FSCQ1565RT: US$ 2.36 (per 1K pcs).
They are available now with delivery in 8 weeks for 100k quantities.

FSCQ1265RT data sheet
FSCQ0765RT data sheet
FSCQ1565RT data sheet

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