IntelCav Brings to CARTES USA Expertise in EMV Migration and State-of-the-art Technological Portfolio

Ecological products, instant issuance, solutions for convergence of applications and e-commerce security will be demonstrated at the Event

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SAO PAULO, Feb. 27, 2012

SAO PAULO , Feb. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — IntelCav, one of the world largest payment cards manufacturers, and technology supplier for the banking, authentication, identification, transportation and telecom markets, will present some of the most innovative solutions during the 1st. edition of CARTES North America. CARTES will take place on May 5th to 7th, 2012 , at the Mirage Hotel, in Las Vegas .

IntelCav's CEO, Mr. Fernando Castejon , said that the event represents a unique opportunity for the company. “IntelCav will be able to show efficient, modern, competitive and absolutely safe solutions, both in the manufacturing process and in the plastics personalization with EMV concept,” he remarked.

Besides the expertise developed while conducting the migration process of the Brazilian market to EMV, the company will also show products as Dual Interface, which enables the use of a single card in contact and contactless mode. Mr. Castejon explained that the product performs the convergence between traditional payments and micro-payments, as for example transit electronic ticketing. “It is a technology which enables the issuers to identify new sources of income,” Mr. Castejon commented.

IntelCav's CEO pointed out that the company will also show the Display Card during CARTES, which is an authentication instrument for social network users and e-commerce buyers, among other usages.

With the size and format of a traditional credit card, the Display Card has a button that, when pressed, generates a random numeric password. This password is shown on an electronic display in the plastic itself. This authentication avoids the fraudulent use of profiles in social networking and logins in e-commerce websites. “Display Cards are a convenient substitute for the old tokens, and provide the necessary security to Internet transactions using a “one time” password authentication,”  Mr. Castejon stated.

Also, the different needs of telecom operators and financial institutions seem to converge towards NFC which is rapidly becoming the chosen technology on initiatives from both sides, especially but not exclusively for micro-payments (called also tap & pay or tap & go) as it addresses the market needs and it is an enabler of this convergence, Mr. Castejon commented.

According to Mr. Castejon, the company has solutions to fulfill any type of demand, independently of required volume. The instant issuance solution is an example of this versatility. It makes it practical to issuers to remotely promote changes in their active bases, including migration to EMV, in order to deliver a new plastic to the customer when visiting a branch.

Mr. Castejon also pointed out the search for ecologically sustainable alternatives as one of IntelCav's commitments. He mentioned the production of Post-Consumption PET cards, Bio PVC, Recycled PVC and also Pet-G cards as part of the company's portfolio.

IntelCav will carry out several activities in the USA , concentrating efforts in some different solutions and business opportunities, but mainly in the EMV migration process.

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