Intelligent distributed control devices combine flash MCU and analog ICs in single package

Freescale Semiconductor continues to meet increasing demand for Local Interconnect Network (LIN) enabled products with advanced intelligent distributed control (IDC) devices.

Freescale’s MM908E621/22/26 system-in-package (SiP) devices combine the LIN physical layer with high-performance HC908 flash microcontrollers (MCU) and SMARTMOS analog integrated circuits (IC). This allows design engineers to easily integrate power and control.

Many of today’s LIN systems include a variety of different ICs and numerous discrete components. The IDC devices reduce the number of components used in an application, which simplifies logistics and increases reliability. Typical automotive applications include automotive seats, mirrors, window lift controls and door locks. Industrial applications include robotics, vending machines and paper printers for point-of-sale systems.

“This system-in-package design helps engineers incorporate power and control functions into systems that need robust power primarily due to integration,” said Demetre Kondylis, general manager for Freescale’s Sensors and Analog Products Division. “The MM908E62x devices are extremely cost effective when compared to discrete solutions that offer similar functionality. Furthermore, reducing the number of devices used in an application simplifies logistics and increases reliability.”

Freescale’s HC908 MCU includes 16KB of flash and 512 bytes of memory, enabling quick programming and production flexibility. The SMARTMOS analog IC provides the high-density/high-speed logic with precision analog and high-voltage/high-current power circuitry. Combining MCU and SMARTMOS functions in a single-package, together with LIN, provides optimal application performance adjustments and space-saving board design.

The MM908E621 and the MM908E622 feature four half-bridges and three high-side outputs with position and temperature sensor drivers. The devices offer complete control of a high-end mirror with adjustable fold/glass position, heater, side turn-flasher, pedal lamp and temperature sensing and position memory functions. The electro-chrome feature differentiates the MM908E622.

With an analog IC that features four half-bridges, the MM908E626 allows for direct control of three DC motors up to 3A. In addition to running DC motors, the MM908E626 can be configured to run bipolar stepper motors in adjustable current control mode up to 600mA and is qualified for high temperature applications up to 115°C.

Development support comes with the LIN development kits, which are PC-interface boards combined with individual device evaluation boards. The kits allow users to program/debug software for the MM908E62x product family and control the programmed device using a LIN master graphical user interface (GUI). The kit includes a software monitor interface for the HC908 architecture and a MON08 for programming and debugging of MM908E62x products. This debug tool allows flash programming and software debugging of HC908 flash-based MCUs.

The LIN kit is supported by most HC908 programming/debugging utilities, including the advanced CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC908 Special Edition, which is available for download at

CodeWarrior software provides a comprehensive environment that makes it quick and easy to exploit the advanced architecture capabilities of the MCU.

Production quantities are available now for all advanced LIN intelligent distributed control devices. The suggested resale prices (USD) for 10,000-piece quantities are $4.69 for the MM908E621, $4.17 for the MM908E622 and $4.64 for the MM908E626.

The evaluation kits, KIT908EINTFCEVB and KIT908E625DWBEVM, are available for a suggested resale price of $100. Emulator support for professional development, FSICEKITEY, also is available for a suggested resale price of $1,695.

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