Interface chips support updated HDMI v1.3 standard

Norwood, Mass.—Analog Devices has expanded its line of HDMI interface chips with multiplexers, receivers and transmitters that support the updated HDMI v1.3 standard.

The latest additions to ADI's line address growing consumer demand for high-definition content in multimedia products ranging from 1080p deep-color HDTVs to low-power portable applications, including digital video and still cameras, portable media players and cell phones.

According to ADI, the AD8196 and AD8197 are the industry's first buffered multiplexers to support 1080p “deep color” technology defined by the HDMI v1.3 specification.

Deep color technology increases HDMI's data rate to 2.25 Gbits/s, allowing the transmission and display of more than a billion colors. The multiplexers also feature proprietary technology that allows them to equalize more than 20 meters of HDMI v1.3-compliant cable, affording consumers the flexible location of their TVs and home entertainment components without loss of video.

The AD9388A single chip, advanced TV interface combines an integrated dual-port HDMI v1.3 receiver with an analog interface that can digitize high-quality video from HD and legacy inputs. The advanced TV interface supports multiple analog and HDMI v1.3 inputs to enable HDTV connections to VCRs, set-top-boxes, DVD players/recorders, game consoles, A/V receivers and digital video recorders (DVRs).

The AD9387 is claimed to be the first low-power transmitter for video-enabled portable consumer electronics that meets HDMI v1.3 specifications. Optimized for high-quality video formats from 720p to 1080i, the transmitter supports both S/PDIF (Sony/Philips digital interface) and 8-channel I2S (inter-IC sound) audio recording formats and transmits either stereo or 7.1-channel surround audio at 192 kHz.

According to ADI, the AD9387 consumes just 100 mW of power at 80-MHz and 20 µW during power down, a 55 percent to 90 percent reduction as compared to other transmitters. A version of the new transmitter, the AD9387NK, further reduces cost and system design complexity by allowing for external implementation of HDCP keys.

The AD8196 and AD8197 multiplexers are sampling now with production slated for January 2007. Pricing for the AD8196 and AD8197 are $2.75 and $4.95, respectively, in quantities of 1000. The AD9388A receiver is sampling now with production planned for April 2007 at a price of $9.96 each in quantities of 1000. The AD9387 transmitter will sample next month. Production quantities will be available in March 2007; it costs $4.86 each in quantities of 1000. And the AD9387NK transmitter is sampling now and costs $4.39 in quantities of 1000; production is slated for February 2007.

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