Intersil launches low power, 40V precision op amp line

Milpitas, Calif.—Intersil Corp. has added two devices—the ISL28117 and ISL28217—to its bipolar low-power precision operational amplifier series.

The ISL28117 and ISL28217 feature low input offset of ±50microV, max.; Offset TC of 0.6microV/°C, max.; input bias current of ± of ±1nA max.;, input bias current TC of ±5picoA/°C, max.; low current consumption of 440 microA;
voltage noise of 250 nanoV peak-to-peak noise; and a wide supply range of 2.25 to 20V.

The single ISL28117 and dual ISL28217 are capable of reducing signal conditioning error through a combination of lower noise, lower offset voltage, lower bias current and higher gain accuracy.

The devices are targeted at 12-bit and 24-bit data acquisition, instrumentation and industrial applications. They include medical instruments, precision active filters, power supply control, programmable logic controllers and digital oscilloscopes.

Pricing and Availability

The ISL28117 single amplifiers are available in 8-lead SOIC at $0.95 (B-grade) and $0.78 (C-grade) in 1,000-piece quantities. The ISL28217 dual amplifiers are available now in 8-lead SOIC packages at $1.48 (C-grade) and $1.89 (B-grade) each in 1,000-piece quantities.

Datasheet: click here.

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