Intersil : Low distortion stereo audio switch cures clicks and pops in MP3 players

Intersil has introduced the ISL54406, a highly integrated, ultra-low distortion stereo audio switch that eliminates unwanted clicks and pops typically caused by powering up and down, muting on and off, and switching between audio sources. The combination of audio performance and reduction in external components makes the ISL54406 the ideal choice for compact MP3 players, docking speaker systems, cell phones, portable DVD players and sound cards.

Superior audio performance is achieved on several levels. First, the ISL54406 delivers Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of just 0.015 percent at 1mW into a 32-ohm load. The low THD switching path can be interrupted to provide >110dB of off-isolation for signal muting purposes into 32ohm or high impedance loads which are typical in consumer and automotive entertainment systems. Recovery from muting is instantaneous even with very large DC blocking capacitors.

This unique instant-on capability needs no timing capacitor and requires only 7microamps of supply current. The ISL54406 provides both active and standby modes of operation with the standby mode reducing the supply current to a maximum of 5nanoamps. This minimises current drain in devices such as portable MP3 players that are placed in a ‘hibernation’ mode when not in use.

The ISL54406’s comprehensive ‘click and pop’ elimination scheme effectively isolates low and high impedance loads from audio spikes and glitches and requires no external timing components to deal with DC blocking capacitors placed between the single supply codec and the load.

The ISL54406 is available now in 1.8mm x 1.4mm TQFN, 10 Ld 3 x 3 TDFN, and 10 Ld 3 x 3 TDFN T+R packages.

For more ISL54406 information:,1477,ISL54406.html

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