Intersil : Op amp suits precision applications

Intersil has launched the industry’s most accurate 5V single-supply, precision, low-power, low-drift op amp for high gain, 16-bit and 24-bit precision applications. The new Intersil pinPoint™ ISIL28133 implements advanced patented chopper-stabilized design to achieve high-gain accuracy with zero drift at extremely low power consumption.

Intersil’s ISL28133 is a micro-power, zero-drift, rail-to-rail input and output operational amplifier optimized for single-supply operation from 1.65V to 5.5V. With ultra-low supply current and wide input ranges, the ISL28133 is ideal for process control or industrial equipment, portable medical systems, data acquisition products, diagnostic systems, or any applications requiring extremely high accuracy for sensor frontends with limited power consumption budgets. The ISL28133, which operates on voltages as low as 1.65V supply, is also an excellent design choice for handheld devices operating off two AA or single Li-Ion batteries.

Input offset voltage is 8uV, output noise measures just 1.1uV peak-peak, and a typical temperature drift of 20nanovolts per degree/Celsius (nV/°C), providing maximum accuracy for signal chains in applications that require very low DC noise and high gain accuracy, such as sensor amplifier front-ends.

The ISL28133 is ideal as a sensor amp frontend for pressure, temperature and other inertial sensors. Additional applications include low Ohmic current sensing that are common in power supply and safety monitors where accuracy at high gain is critical. Offset drift is 0.075uV/oC maximum, ideal for accuracy over temperature. Low current consumption of 25uA (max) enables significant power savings for portable applications. Input bias current is 300pA maximum. This op amp operates over the extended temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees C.

The ISL28133 is available in 5 Lead SOT-23.

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About Intersil

Intersil Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analogue and mixed signal semiconductors. The Company’s products address some of the industry’s fastest growing markets, such as, flat panel displays, cell phones, other handheld systems, and notebooks. Intersil’s product families address power management functions and analogue signal processing functions. Intersil products include ICs for battery management, hot-swap and hot-plug controllers, linear regulators, power sequencers, supervisory ICs, bridge drivers, PWM controllers, switching DC/DC regulators, Zilker Labs Digital Power ICs and power MOSFET drivers; optical storage laser diode drivers; DSL line drivers; D2Audio products; video and high-performance operational amplifiers; high-speed data converters; interface ICs; analogue switches and multiplexers; crosspoint switches; voice-over-IP devices; and ICs for military, space and radiation-hardened applications.

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