Intersil : PWM regulators target Intel mobile CPUs

Intersil has introduced compact multiphase PWM regulators that comply with the Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning (IMVP-6.5TM) specification. The ISL62882 and ISL62883 reduce total component cost and implementation footprint for a wide range of Intel-based mobile handsets, notebooks, network systems and embedded designs, including the new Capella® platform based on the Ibex Peak-M® chipset.

Each regulator supports various CPUs using programmable 3-phase, 2-phase or 1-phase operation. Configurable overshoot reduction capabilities provide minimal Vout overshoot, which pre-empts voltage misreadings and the potential for product underperformance or failure. Both devices feature phase dropping, diode emulation, adaptive body diode conduction time reduction to optimize light load efficiency and FB2 (full buffering) to optimize transient response and Z(f) in 1-phase mode. In addition, the ISL62882 provides a split LGATE function that further improves efficiency.

To reduce total output voltage ripple, the converters apply interleaved phases. Each phase carries part of the load current, which optimizes system performance, efficiency and thermal management. The PWM modulator is based on Intersil’s Robust Ripple Regulator (R3) technology(TM), which commands variable switching frequency during load transients, achieving faster transient response than traditional modulators. With the same modulator, the switching frequency is reduced at light load, increasing the regulator efficiency.

The ISL62882/3 are available now in compact 40-lead QFN packages, with prices starting at $3.93 each in 1,000-piece units.

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