Intersil’s quad analog switch withstands cell phone abuse

Milpitas, Calif. — Today Intersil Corp. announced the ISL84780, an ultra low resistance quad analog switch that offers precise switching capability from a single 1.6 V to 3.6 V supply with low on resistance and high speed operation for cell phones and other handheld products.

The ISL84780 provides a performance upgrade with the industry's lowest R(ON), and better R(ON) flatness, R(ON) matching, and double the electrostatic discharge (ESD) withstand level of existing competing devices, according to Intersil.

A true bi-directional, quad single pole/double throw (SPDT) analog switch with less than 0.7 ohms of resistance over the full input signal range, the ISL84780 operates from a nominal single 3.3 V supply and is available in TSSOP and small TQFN packaging for space-constrained applications such as portable battery powered consumer electronic products and cell phones. The device is built in an advanced sub-micron CMOS process and has at least 6 kV of ESD resistance, making it capable of withstanding the abuses of everyday cell phone use.

The device is especially suited for portable battery-powered equipment due to its low operating supply voltage (1.6 V), low power consumption (5.4 μW maximum), low leakage currents (30 nA max), and the tiny TQFN and TSSOP packages. The ultra low on-resistance and typical R(ON) flatness of 0.05 ohms, make the ISL84780 practical for use in low distortion audio paths such as in MP3 players, cell phones and CD audio devices.

ISL84780 Features:

  • Pin Compatible with the MAX4780
  • R(ON) — V+ = +3.0 V (0.36 ohms)
  • — V+ = +1.8 V (0.54 ohms)

  • R(ON) Matching between Channels (0.13 ohms)
  • R(ON) Flatness Across Signal Range (0.05 ohms)
  • Single Supply Operation (+1.6 V to +3.6 V)
  • Low Power Consumption (less than 0.2 μW)
  • Fast Switching Action:
  • – T(ON) (12 ns)
    – T(OFF) (8 ns)

  • Guaranteed Break-Before-Make
  • 1.8 V Logic Compatible (+3 V supply)
  • Available in 16-lead 3×3 thin QFN and 16-lead TSSOP
  • ESD HBM Rating (6 kV)

The ISL84780 is available now in standard lead finish and Pb-free, and either a 16-lead 3mm x 3mm TQFN package or a 16-lead TSSOP package. The suggested price in 10,000 unit quantities is $1.04 for each IC in TQFN packaging and $1.00 for each IC in the TSSOP package.

Click here for the ISL84780 data sheet.

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