Introducing Checkdent, The Social Network for Dental Health

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LOS ANGELES, May 16, 2011

LOS ANGELES , May 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —Checkdent, the dental video platform launched in 2006, today announced the relaunch of its site with the addition of a social network for dentists and patients.


The newly launched social network offers a combination of features not available on any other dental health site, including:

  • a dental health forum where patients can get answers from dentists and other users on popular topics like teeth bleaching, braces, wisdom teeth and root canal treatments
  • an extensive collection of over 200 educational dental video clips and 300 articles  continuously updated and added by a team of experts
  • an interactive dentist directory with profile pages linked to the Checkdent social network
  • the option for verified patients to write detailed reviews and rate dentists in key areas such as chairside manner, patient information and average wait time
  • an easy way for dentists to reach out to new and existing patients

“We are proud to be part of an empowering health care trend in which the Internet and specialized social networks have an important role to play. It has been extremely gratifying to see that both dentists and patients are eager to use this new tool to mutual benefit,” Checkdent's CEO and Founder, Jaroslav Belsky , DMD, said.

Checkdent intends to revolutionize communication between patients and dentists. As patients embrace the Internet and social media as a new way to take control of their health, Checkdent helps dentists to adapt to their patients' changing needs.

For years, Checkdent's jargon-busting dental videos have been helping people to make more informed decisions about oral health. Now the site has been enhanced by the addition of a social network allowing people to join their dentist's network, ask questions in the forum and post dentist reviews.


Checkdent is the first dental health platform that combines a video encyclopedia with a social network including a busy dental forum, blog and dentist reviews. Checkdent is the first port of call for people who want to get a second opinion, find a dentist, prepare for an upcoming treatment or share experiences with other patients. Bringing together dedicated dentists and web-savvy patients to create an active dental health community, Checkdent helps people to better understand and prevent dental problems. All medical content is based on the latest findings of Evidence-Based Medicine, the international gold standard in medical care and research. As a gateway between medical research, patients and dentists, Checkdent is a powerful resource for anyone interested in dental health.

With an easy to use interface, Checkdent is a smart and affordable way for dentists to communicate with existing patients and market themselves to new ones. To find out more, please visit To access press images, screenshots and logos, you can visit the Checkdent press portal at Checkdent Media inquiries can be sent to, via phone at 310.926.0932 or via skype at checkdentpr.

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