Introducing Publingo: The Latest Business Evolution

Introducing the Next Big Thing on the Internet: Publingo!

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NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2011

NEW YORK , Dec. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — What is Publingo? 
Publingo is the site where people who are interested in buying, selling, investing, raising capital or finding business partners can get together and start working. With no broker fees or middlemen, small businesses and individuals can come together in a new and exciting way, without all the hassle of traditional methods. Think of it as the eHarmony of the business world, with your perfect business match only a few clicks away. 


What Can Publingo Do For Me? 
At Publingo, you place your ad for whatever you're looking for, and other users find it. There's no cost to you, so it's free marketing directly to others who are looking for what you're offering. Whether you need money for a new addition to your business, a partner to get off the ground, or a safe investment for your money, Publingo is the Internet resource for you. 

A free person-to-person marketing service, we help connect investors with businesses, buyers with sellers, people with people. No broker fees, no scrambling to find buyers or investors, no hassles, we provide the platform to help you achieve your goals in the business world. 

How Does Publingo Work? 
Think of a site like eBay or CraigsList. An ad is placed on the website and people find it by looking in a category. Unlike an auction site or CraigsList, we specialize in the business community. We verify the information and allow the parties involved to make the decisions. We're just the interface that brings everyone together. Our goal is to connect people, helping them succeed. 

With Publingo, there are no broker fees, no costs cutting into your bottom lines and profits. We know that in tough economic times, the last thing a business needs is another expense. Connecting people for their economic benefit is what we're doing, and helping ideas flow, businesses remain viable, inventory to trade hands and the economy to become stimulated. We do all this, and much more, because we're putting the right people together at the right time. 

Why Should I Try Publingo?
There's no fee, no obligation, no commitment. It's a peer-to-peer advertising and networking site that allows you to find what you're looking for. A company can find investors, investors can find new ideas, buyers can increase their inventories and sellers can make profits. We know that every business deserves a shot at making it in the economy today. We're working hard to ensure that every good idea has an investor, every small business has a chance to find non-bank capital, and to help small sellers find buyers. Together, Publingo and the business community can change the way businesses are formed and operate, for the better.

Visit today, and place your first ad. You can view the other ads and possibly find the opportunity you've been looking for. The distances between investor and company or buyer and seller have been reduced, thanks to technology. We're the next business evolution.

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