iPhone, uPhone, wePhone, morePhone?

I'd be negligent as a columnist if I didn't say something about the new Apple iPhone. After all, journalists and editors have used it as their subject for the last few weeks, providing so-called “coverage” of the product and its official first sale. You're very likely sick of the iPhone hoopla and coverage everywhere you turn.

Frankly, most of this coverage has been worthless fluff designed to fill the news “hole” of print space and air time. It doesn't take a lot of journalistic enterprise or effort (better understood as “heavy lifting) to do a story about the throngs of enthusiasts who lined up early to get an iPhone as soon as they officially went on sale. Add a few widely available statistics and poof, you've got your article or video report all done. It's that simple.

Of course, these journalists failed to really ask the tough questions:
1. Who are the people who have the time to stand in line for a few days? Don't these people have anything else to do?
2. And how do they have the $500 to drop on this unit, plus the two-year required service contract, thus committing another $1500+?
3. And why would anyone, except those who have a darn good reason, rush to buy Rev. 1.0 of this extremely complex hardware and software product?

But do not fear. The people associated with EETimes don't do the lightweight, fluffy, airball pieces that the mainstream journalists favor. Instead, we provide several in-depth technical teardowns from which you can actually learn something! Be sure to check out:

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