IQD : Crystal oscillators suit process control and portable applications

A new range of “watch crystal” oscillators offering a four-fold improvement in stability over previous-generation devices is introduced by IQD Frequency Products. Providing output at the standard watch crystal frequency of 32.768kHz ˜ divisible to precisely the 1Hz requirement of a real-time clock ˜ the CFPS-107/108/109 oscillator series offers stability down to 20ppm over its operating temperature range in a miniature 2.6 x 2.1mm ceramic SMD package. IQD has improved on the 80ppm stability typically offered by watch crystal oscillators by using an AT-cut rather than a GT-cut quartz crystal resonator. AT-cut crystals provide an inherently more stable frequency output, but at a higher frequency. The CFPS-107/108/109 uses a divider to bring the high internal signal frequency down to the required 32.768kHz.

The CFPS-107/108/109 is particularly well suited to process control applications, being available with a -40° to +85°C industrial operating temperature range as well as the standard 0° to +70°C. It also offers a high level of shock and vibration resistance, with qualification to Mil-Std-883F. For use in lightweight portable devices in both industrial and consumer applications, the low-power CFPS-107 operates from a 1.8V supply and so is capable of running from a single battery. Supply voltages of 2.5V (CFPS-108) and 3.3 V (CFPS-109) are also available.

All devices offer CMOS output and tri-state operation. They can be supplied in either bulk pack or tape-and-reel formats.

Since its inception in 1973, IQD Frequency Products has established a leading position across Europe as a specialist supplier of quartz-based frequency control components. IQD offers one of the most comprehensive frequency product ranges available, from low-cost commercial-grade devices to those used in the most stringent military and professional applications. Its components, which are specified by leading manufacturers in the aerospace, communications, computing, consumer and medical industries throughout the world, include quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, programmable oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs and rubidium standards. IQD takes a partnership approach to working with its customers. Specialist sales teams, assisted by an engineering led application support department, guide customers from initial design stage through to full production. IQD has external representatives and distributors in over 25 countries.

IQD Frequency Products Ltd recently acquired the Crewkerne (Somerset, UK) operations of Rakon Europe Ltd, following Rakon's 2007 acquisition of the former Frequency Control Products division of C-MAC MicroTechnology.

Further information and enquiries:
Harriet Charles
IQD Frequency Products
T: +44 (0)1460 270200

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