IR thermometer simplifies remote measurement in auto, medical apps

Concord, NH&#8212Melexis' MLX90614 infrared thermometer, which integrates a custom signal conditioning block, offers a cost-effective remote monitoring solution for automobile air conditioning, room heaters, home appliances, handhelds, and medical equipment.

The sensing element in the MLX90614 is an automotive- grade silicon chip having a thin, micro-machined membrane. Its output is measured by the chip's thermocouple. The device's signal-conditioning block, containing a low-noise amplifier, 17-bit ADC, and DSP, amplifies and digitizes the output of the thermocouple and calculates the object temperature using factory set calibration parameters stored in the EEPROM memory of the chip. The SMBus-compatible digital output is fully linearized and compensated for ambient temperature. Temperature resolution is 0.01&degC. The standard MLX90614 has an absolute accuracy of &plusmn0.5&degC over 0 to +50&degC and &plusmn1&degC outside that range.

The MLX90614 is available in 3-volt and 5-volt versions. The 3-volt model, with less then 1 mA current draw, is targeted at handheld, battery operated devices. This sensor has a “sleep” mode; current draw is as low as 2 microamps. The 5-volt model can operate from a 12-volt car battery with the addition of a few external components. The MLX90614 is qualified in accordance to AECQ100 and is ROHS compatible. It meets JEDEC 020C specs for high-temperature soldering (i.e., up to 260&degC).

Click here for the product overview, and here for the product datasheet. The MLX90614, rated for operation over over -40 to +125&degC (extended range of -70 to +380&degC is available), is priced at 4.55 Euros (currently $5.75 USD) each in 1k pieces.

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