Isolated DC-DC converter development tools boost power density

Santa Clara, Calif. and Austin, Tex.—National Semiconductor Corp. and Silicon Laboratories Inc. announced a quarter-brick isolated DC-DC converter evaluation board and reference design to help power supply designers get higher power density in networking, communications and high-end server applications.

Featuring National Semiconductor's LM5035C pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller and Silicon Labs' Si8420 ISOpro digital isolator, the isolated DC-DC converter evaluation board provides power supply designers with a highly efficient 100W reference design in a quarter-brick form factor. The evaluation board reduces the time required for product characterization and design adaptation to the customer's specific requirements.

The reference design demonstrates a viable 36V to 75V input half-bridge converter for power module or embedded power applications. The design survives input transients up to 100V as commonly required in communications equipment and protects the power distribution system with hiccup-mode fault protection.

Pricing: $135.
Availability: Now at no charge for download by clicking here. To purchase the evaluation board, click here.

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