Ittiam Enables Tieline Bridge-IT(TM) IP Audio Broadcasting Solution With Advanced Audio Codecs

BANGALORE, India , May 6 /PRNewswire/ — Consolidating on its position to deliver high-end solutions for the broadcast market, Ittiam today announced that Tieline has added the MPEG Layer 2, AAC-LC and High Efficiency AAC v1 and v2 audio encoders and decoders from Ittiam to their Bridge-ITTM Internet protocol (IP) audio broadcasting solution.

Bridge-IT is a low-cost, high-performance, stereo IP audio codec solution for the broadcast and professional world. It is designed to deliver point-to-point or multi-point connections by transporting audio streams through a variety of IP networks such as wired, wireless, Wi-Fi, satellite IP or the Internet. It allows broadcasters to affordably expand their IP network while preserving the overall quality of their services.

Originally designed with linear audio solutions and low complexity codecs such as G.711, G.722, Tieline Music and Tieline MusicPLUS codecs, the solution now integrates advanced MPEG audio codecs from Ittiam with the Texas Instruments TMS320DM6446 DaVinci™ video processor to provide excellent quality audio at low bit rates.

The suite of Ittiam MPEG audio codecs has been integrated into the complete Bridge-IT solution and tested for robustness, as well as high quality and interoperability. It was benchmarked against several leading audio and IP equipment providers, most of them using floating-point audio codec implementations, and they are recognized as matching the industry standards in terms of interoperability, robustness and quality.

“With the addition of HE-AAC, Bridge-IT offers the most efficient coding format for IP transmission and recording while ensuring compliance to EBU N/ACIP recommendation,” stated Shantanu Jha , vice president, Media Processing Business, Ittiam. “The challenge was to ensure best performance, high quality and low delay in a fixed-point implementation while meeting the requirements of reliability, higher spectral bandwidth and superior audio quality at low bit rates. We are happy that our codecs provide the industry standard audio quality and offer a flexible path for product evolution for Tieline and their customers.”

These fully programmable new features allow customers already using Bridge-IT to now easily upgrade their system by purchasing the optional software license and get instant access to these advanced MPEG algorithms, enabling CD-quality audio at low bitrates with low-delay and without compromising audio quality.

“We have worked closely with Ittiam to achieve the successful integration of the AAC algorithm suite into Tieline Bridge-IT,” said Neil Morrish , research and development manager, Tieline Technology. “Ittiam's diligence, responsiveness and attention to detail has ensured a high-quality implementation of AAC-LC and AAC-HE into our product. We are particularly happy to offer our customers expanded connectivity options, as well as high-fidelity stereo IP connections at bit rates as low as 24Kbps.”

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About Ittiam Systems Private Limited

Ittiam Systems Private Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, India , is a technology company singularly focused on embedded media processing systems. It operates through its network of offices and representatives around the world. Ittiam's customers include Fortune 100 companies and are distributed across U.S., Europe , Japan and Asia . Since 2004 the company has been consistently rated as the 'World's Most Preferred DSP IP Supplier' in the annual surveys conducted by Forward Concepts Incorporated. In 2005 Ittiam had been selected by Red Herring into the top 100 private companies in Asia . In February 2007 , Ittiam received the NASSCOM India IT Innovation Award, a prestigious recognition.

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About Tieline Technology

Tieline Technology is an established manufacturer of the world's leading range of broadcast IP audio codecs that provide rock solid studio to transmitter links (STL), remote broadcast and audio distribution solutions. Tieline has won numerous awards for innovation in technology and thousands of customers around the world rely on Tieline codecs every single day for reliable broadcast solutions. The company has offices in North America and Australia , supporting a global distribution network spanning the Americas, Europe , UK, Africa , Asia , Middle East and Australasia.

Bridge-IT is a trademark of Tieline Pty Ltd. DaVinci is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

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