IXYS extends power MOSFET line to 1200-V

Santa Clara, Calif.—IXYS Corp. has released 1000-V to 1200-V Polar standard and HiPerFET Power MOSFETs that are designed to improve the performance of high-voltage power conversion systems.

According to IXYS, the Polar Power MOSFETs improve efficiency by reducing typical on-resistance 'Ron' by 20%.

IXYS has extended its Polar offering with more than 70 Polar Power MOSFETs rated at 1000V, 1100V and 1200V. The HiPerFET family offers the additional benefits of a fast intrinsic body diode for lower trr and Qrr with improved hard-switching efficiency.

All of the Polar Power MOSFETs are offered in standard packages and a variety of IXYS ISOPLUS packages with integral backside case isolation. The IXTA06N120P (1200V, 0.6A, Ron of 32 ohm) and IXFB44N100P (1000V, 44A, Ron of 0.220 ohm) illustrate the range in power handling capabilities of the product offering.

Common 1000-1200V applications include AC-DC power supplies, inverters, high voltage lighting, industrial machinery and medical equipment.

Datasheets: IXTA06N120P and IXFB44N100P.

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