IzzoNet eCommerce Platform Excites Global Market

Revolutionary shopping cart technology changes the face of eCommerce

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LONDON, January 26, 2012

LONDON , January 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

The Global technology and eCommerce software community is waiting with bated breath for the upcoming London Stock Exchange IPO of genius eCommerce Platform, IzzoNet. The wheels have been set in motion for this listing and it has been a smooth ride for the company to get to this position.

CEO Tallya Rabinovitch , who has had over 15 years in the business and is deemed to be the guru of eCommerce for her revolutionary creative advances in the eCommerce sector, said, “One of the things that the stock market is showing us is that one company can influence an entire sector, and as a champion of online stores worldwide we want to bring our product to the masses whilst strengthening the industry as a whole.”

IzzoNet not only has the best technology in the world for integration with the store owners and suppliers – or Dropshippers as they are called in the business – but has plans to produce an interface so advanced that it will bring eCommerce to a whole new level with their “turnkey ” philosophy.

About Izzonet

IzzoNet ( ) launched its eCommerce software in May 2011 , which shook the eCommerce market with technology that enables people to create an online store in a minute whilst reaching 250,000,000 potential customers in less than 24 hours. IzzoNet's success story is also implemented in their unique technology that allows online stores integration with suppliers and Dropshippers whilst having their own shopping cart technology. Keep your eyes on IzzoNet, as this amazing company intends to revolutionise the eCommerce industry …..London listing coming soon.

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