Japanese First Predicting Booking Behaviour for Hotel Guests

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BRISBANE, Australia, June 2, 2011

BRISBANE, Australia , June 2, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — In a country-wide first, Japanese operated SOLARE HOTELS & RESORTS has implemented a sophisticated new software application – HotelSnaps hot that allows the most up to date analysis of internal metrics plus access to key external data that impacts hotels & resorts.

HotelSnaps hot is the creation of Intouch Data Pty Ltd (ITD) and Managing Director, Peter Johnson believes ITD has hit on a winner with the signing of Solare Hotels and Resorts.

“HotelSnapshot is the definitive data dashboard tool and we are receiving unprecedented interest from the international market. To have the buy-in and support of such a prestigious brand as Solare Hotels and Resorts is testament to the product's viability,” said Mr Johnson.

HotelSnapshot merges key in-house data sets with external intelligence, which allows for environmental flexibility in accessing and interpreting travel trends.  It is however, the application's abilities to convert this data into ready-made intelligence designed around user needs that has the industry talking.    

According to Solare CEO, Tony Virili , HotelSnapshot will clearly position the group as a leader in the highly lucrative accommodation market and Solare is the first Japanese hotel company to implement HotelSnapshot.

“The ability to get up-to-date statistics and predict booking behaviour and trends will bring tremendous competitive advantage in optimising yield,” says Virili and adds “This will position Solare as a leader in the market.”

Jack Tan , CIO at Solare who has been instrumental in bringing HotelSnapshot to the group comments, “IT is a key business strategy component at Solare and HotelSnapshot is one of many 'first in Japan ' initiatives we are set to introduce as we strive to enhance our business results. “

ITD's Peter Johnson added, “Jack Tan 's previous experience working for global hotel chains such as IHG, coupled with his knowledge of Japan and IT capabilities was instrumental in identifying gaps and customising our product to fit the needs of the Japanese market.”

Solare Hotels and Resorts currently holds over 75 properties within its portfolio and all are linked to HotelSnapshot.

In a sector where innovation is increasingly relied upon to boost business performance, HotelSnapshot is a welcome addition to Solare's suite of technical tools.

Mr Tan adds, “When implementing new software we always consider two crucial factors – will the functionality deliver a commercial return for the business and will the interface be user-friendly enough for our staff to ensure a smooth roll-out and transition. HotelSnapshot delivers on both fronts.”

The HotelSnapshot interface can be tailored to accommodate specific user requirements at all levels, from CEO to revenue manager, marketing coordinator and anywhere in between, and Mr Tan is confident Solare's staff will embrace the new technology.

A web-based application, HotelSnapshot allows properties, from stand-alone through to chains to accurately analyse and manipulate key data that was previously hard to access and deploy in a timely manner.

According to ITD's Mr Johnson the application has been developed to provide the industry with a hybrid product that transcends the barrier of internal versus external influences when predicting future operational trends.

Solare Hotels & Resorts will also be the first hotel chain to access HotelSnapshot's international flight seating capacity, a new expansion of the application and a tool that allows access to real-time trends and historical perspectives that assist hotels in projecting inbound seat capacity up to 90 days in advance.

The flight seating data, sourced from OAG, the global leader in aviation intelligence, complements premium data sets such as the Competitive-set Data, World Stock Indices and major Exchange Rate Pairs, information that is highly reflective and indicative of future hospitality and tourism activity.

Despite its early successes ITD is not resting on its laurels and will continue to pursue additional data sets in an effort to evolve with and anticipate the ever increasing demands of the international hotel market.  

As revealed by Mr Johnson, “Negotiations to add country/region specific data sets and more international trend data continues. HotelSnapshot is a dynamic tool that will continue to evolve with industry needs and demands.”

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With over 75 hotels and 12,500 rooms, the world of Solara ( offers a nationwide line-up of inns, hotels and resorts in Japan that welcome guests with cheerful, friendly services.  Brands include – CHISUN INNS , HOTELS and RESORTS, rooted in the needs of local business and entertainment offerings, as well as LOISIR Hotels, which embody the essence of memorable experiences and entertainment a cut above the rest.

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