Jennic set to demo video-over-wireless

LONDON — Wireless communications chip and software developer Jennic Ltd. (Sheffield, England) plans to demonstrate to the public the use of the IEEE 802.15.4 open radio standard for wireless transfer of video. Jennic plans to show the transfer at the Wireless Japan Show being held at the Big Sight International Exhibition Centre in Tokyo this week.

The demonstration shows several frames being transferred from a camera to a screen over an IEEE802.15.4 wireless link each second. Although the demonstration does not reach the 25 or 30 frames per second that is associated with continuous video there are several applications that can use low-rate, low-power video, Jennic said. These include wireless door-entry cameras, security cameras, home monitoring products, toys, and remote control solutions.

The demonstration is based on a commercially available image coding chip together with Jennic's JN5139 wireless microcontroller.

“The IEEE802.15.4 global standard co-exists seamlessly with the other worldwide IEEE radio standards, however, unlike other radio standards, IEEE802.15.4 has a flexible application space enabling developers to apply wireless connectively in a wide variety of new products,” said Toshi Sato, Japan country manager for Jennic, in a statement.

Sato continued, “Other radio standards tend to be designed for specific applications, such as HotSpots or Headsets where the entire function is defined by the standard. This works well for specific functions, but is not entirely suitable for non-standard applications, and this, along with low power consumption, is the advantage of the IEEE802.15.4 standard.”

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