JFET-input audio op amps feature low noise, distortion

Dallas—Extending its Burr-Brown Audio line, Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) launched a family of JFET-input op amps featuring ultra-low noise and distortion to maximize audio system quality and performance.

With a quiescent current of 1.8 mA per channel, the OPA1641, OPA1642 and OPA1644 feature 40 percent lower power than the competition, according to the company. The op amps support the multiple channels pro audio applications require, without increasing power consumption in high-performance audio circuits, such as broadcast studio equipment, analog and digital mixing consoles, and high-end A/V receivers.

The op amps also deliver 15 percent lower noise (5 nV/vHz) and distortion (0.00005% at 1 kHz) than the competition, according to TI. Additional features include a wide supply voltage range of +2.5 V to +18 V and rail-to-rail output swing.

The single-channel OPA1641 is available today in a SO-8 package for $0.95 in 1000-unit quantities. The two-channel OPA1642 is available in a SO-8 or MSOP-8 package for $1.45, and the four-channel OPA1644 can be purchased in a SO-14 or TSSOP-14 package for $1.95.

Datasheet and video: click here.


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