KEMP Technologies Launches Geographically Intelligent, DNS Load Balancer Appliance

YAPHANK, N.Y. , April 19 /PRNewswire/ — KEMP Technologies today announced the launch of its GEO LoadMaster (GLM), a new appliance that offers the ability to assure high availability beyond a single datacenter.  The GEO LoadMaster can direct web-facing traffic to the closest and fastest performing datacenter and traffic can also be diverted from one datacenter to another in the event of an outage at one location.  While geographic load balancing is often available only as an add-on to expensive server load balancers and application delivery controllers, KEMP is offering this capability in an affordable, stand alone appliance that can also be integrated with server load balancers.

More companies today are distributing datacenters geographically in order to reduce the risk of lost availability of websites and web-based applications and to speed response time.  Using geographic load balancing enables a business to protect applications and minimize downtime by moving web traffic from a failed datacenter to an operating datacenter seamlessly.  “Regional” load balancing allows the GEO LoadMaster to direct a client to the closest datacenter based on the client's country or continent.  Additionally, through “round robin” load balancing for all active datacenters, the GEO LoadMaster directs traffic to the best-performing datacenter or may route traffic based on such metrics as available bandwidth or concurrent sessions. The GEO LoadMaster also eliminates the load balancer as the single point of failure by providing DNS authority for each datacenter location.

“The GEO LoadMaster securely and seamlessly integrates with KEMP's LoadMaster Server Load Balancing hardware and virtual appliances,” notes Peter Melerud, co-founder and VP of product management of KEMP Technologies. “We are providing many new options to businesses with multi-located datacenters with our GEO product that will deliver critical high availability 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  As with all KEMP products, the GEO LoadMaster offers low-cost and higher performance to any sized business whether it has a single server each datacenter or multiple servers at each location.”

KEMP's GEO LoadMaster appliance is available at a list price of $3,990 and includes first-year hardware maintenance and support agreement at no extra cost.  Included with GEO LoadMaster is a geo coding database that can be updated as required. To contact KEMP to obtain a full production version of the GEO LoadMaster for evaluation, please visit

About KEMP Technologies

KEMP Technologies is a leader in affordable server load balancer appliances and application delivery controllers tailored to meet the needs of businesses that rely on the Internet for e-commerce and business-critical applications. KEMP helps companies rapidly grow their business with 24/7 high-availability, better web infrastructure performance, scalability and secure operations – while streamlining IT costs.

Thousands of KEMP LoadMaster products are in use today to improve customer satisfaction by accelerating user access to business-critical web applications. Managed service providers also rely upon KEMP products to enable fast time-to-market and cost-effective operations for new and existing managed services.

KEMP's highly affordable LoadMaster products include Layers 4-7 load balancing, content switching and server persistence, SSL offload/acceleration, WTS load balancing and persistence with Session Directory integration, and application front-end capabilities (caching, compression, intrusion prevention system), plus one full year of product support – delivering industry leading price/performance value.

The company is headquartered in Yaphank, New York . For more information, visit, or call us at 631-345-5292.

A pplication delivery solutions are known as application delivery controllers (ADC), server load balancers (SLB), application front-end devices (AFE), web switches, content switches and application switches.

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Fran Bosecker

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(845) 536-1416

Company Contact:

Peter Melerud

KEMP Technologies

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