‘Killer Tools’ Offer Quick Fixes Around the House

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. , March 1 /PRNewswire/ — For home and garden do-it-yourself projects and organizational efforts, having the right tools on hand is a must.  “High quality gear is key to easing and expediting repairs, clutter control and other fix-it projects around the house, both inside and out,” notes Christina Hansen , a product specialist for ( – a leading provider of hand tools and wire management solutions.


Hansen spotlights this assortment of animal-inspired “killer tools” offers, each sure to take a bite out of your home or garden DIY project:

Cable Snake

Cables, although necessary, can be messy, unsightly and unsafe. This cable organizer will change the look of connective wires. No longer will your feet get tangled in your computer cables. No longer will the cables on your computer or stereo ruin the decor of a room.  In fact, the Cable Snake may just enhance it! Made of rugged outdoor fabric, this device easily cinches together with hook and loop type fasteners and locks at each end to prevent slippage. ($9.99)

IDEAL Master Lock Python Kit

Secure your bicycles, lawn furniture, computers, generators, or pickup truck storage – anything can be tethered within its grasp. Its flexible 6 foot steel braided cable may be pulled tight and configured in any position, allowing for a multitude of uses around the home's interior or exterior.  Weather resistant lock is also interchangeable with different cables, and the cylinder may be re-keyed if necessary. ($33.25)

Animal Clip Cord Keepers  

While not exactly menacing, these “killer” Animal Clips make your workspace a fun and functional place to be, holding everything from computer cords to pencils. There is an entire zoo's worth of cute and quirky creatures to choose from.  With 30 different available designs, you're sure to find one that makes you and passersby smile, including: Banzai the Raptor, Rex the T-Rex, Chomp the Shark, Wally the Gator, Leroy the Lion, Lefty the Tiger and Spike the Wolf.  ($0.55)

PowerSquid™ Surge Protector

Keep computers, printers and routers powered – and protect them from power surges at the same time – with the PowerSquid Surge Protector. This power supply/surge suppressor combo features a creative and super-functional design that works great in tight spaces, easily accommodates bulky adapters, and even includes telephone/DSL line protection. ($16.65)

Gorilla™ Double Thick Adhesive Tape

All the brute strength of its namesake, but in a much smaller (and easier to handle) package. For outdoor repairs, all-weather Gorilla Tape fills gaps on uneven surfaces for a grip that won't let go, even in tough conditions. And when it comes to bonding plastic, glass, wood and metal, Gorilla Super Glue doesn't monkey around: it forms an impact-proof seal that dries in under a minute, no clamps required. ($4.93)

Consumers may order these and other “killer tools” online at or via toll-free telephone at 1-866-222-0030.

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