Kit enables high-quality hands-free communication designs

Ottawa, Canada — Zarlink Semiconductor expanded its family of voice processing solutions with the ZL38005, a device enabling high-quality voice in hands-free communication systems, including speakerphones, home automation applications and car kits. The ZL38005 voice processing platform integrates dual-channel narrowband codecs, on-chip memory, multiple interfaces and advanced voice-processing firmware. Supported by a range of design tools, the voice processor improves voice quality and minimizes background noise.

Zarlink's design tools include a complete evaluation board, and a mini-evaluation board that fits directly into a speakerphone plastic enclosure and its diagnostic tool kit supports “plug and test” capabilities to simplify measurement of echo profile, frequency response and distortion.

The ZL38005's narrowband codec has input/output sampling rates of 8 KHz and integrated acoustic and line echo cancellers with a programmable echo tail of up to 256 ms and noise reduction up to 20 dB. The voice processor algorithm is able to continuously converge and track changes in the echo path to support full-duplex operation.

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Data Sheet: ZL38005

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