Kit evaluates SNAP-based wireless networks

Huntsville, Ala.—Synapse is offering the Synapse Network Evaluation Kit to allow potential customers to evaluate its products and how they receive sensor data, monitor processes and drive relays and switches.

The kit includes a Synapse Coordinator, three Synapse End Devices, and a free starter version of the intuitive Synapse Portal PC-based network administration and configuration software.

The kit is part of Synapse's announcement of its out-of-the-box, plug-and-play, self-forming wireless control and monitoring network called SNAP (Synapse Network Appliance Protocol) that provides the ability to control anything, anytime, from anywhere with no programming required.

For full story on SNAP, click here.

For full story on Portal PC-based network software, click here.

Synapse RF Engines running SNAP provide a self-forming network. When a SNAP-based device is powered-up, it is automatically recognized and incorporated into the network. The PC-based Synapse Portal software can be used to configure the behavior of the End Device.

Pricing: $495.
Availability: Now.
Datasheets: click here.

Synapse, 1-877-982-7888,

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