Kiwili, a new online project management and business application

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MONTREAL, April 19

MONTREAL , April 19 /PRNewswire/ – Kiwili, a Montreal -based company, is
launching a web application to make life easier for entrepreneurs and
small companies. Estimates, billing, expenses, project management,
accounting and time reports, charts, agenda, private social
network…Everything is there and online, no less! This is a
comprehensive tool for the self-employed and small business.

Innovative functionalities
Both a management tool and private social network, Kiwili's provides
real-time information flow that enables users to simultaneously post
and read messages on a client, supplier or project. Users can also
communicate with other team members through an intelligent and
connected dashboard that also releases company and partner news.
Whether you're creating an invoice, validating an estimate or advancing
projects, the team can hold discussions, ask questions or make notes.
In addition, Kiwili notifies users when payments are late and e-mails a
smart statement that customers can pay online.

Unlike most project management applications, Kiwili has integrated the
project profitability concept. This functionality allows managers to
instantly track the progress and successful completion of
project-related tasks. An estimate can be converted into the project or
a project into an invoice by any authorized company member.

Some of the many unique functionalities include a counter that
determines the time on a project, project-specific expense accounts,
customizable estimate and invoice templates, and much more.

Total accessibility
With its user-friendly interface and ease of use, Kiwili is accessible
to small businesses, consultants, self-employed workers and
entrepreneurs in every IT environments, both fixed and mobile. As an
open application, Kiwili can bridge other software, enabling users to
continue working with their own tools and share specific elements.

The cost of Kiwili not only fits any budget, but is also the most
competitive in the market today. Three main monthly plans are available
to meet any needs: $9.95 (solo user), $19.95 (5 users) and $49.95 (50
users). There's no limit to how many projects and clients you can
create with any plan.

“Better organization and communication to save time and effort: This is
the challenge propelling today's 160-country, French and English,
multi-currency version launch of Kiwili. We hope to meet the needs of
small companies everywhere, helping them become more profitable,” said
Aboura Nadir, CEO of Kiwili.

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