Kodak CCD image sensors target machine vision and industrial applications

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Eastman Kodak Company has launched two new CCD Image Sensors targeted to machine vision and other industrial imaging markets.
The new 2-megapixel KODAK KAI-02050 Image Sensor sets what Kodak calls “a new standard” for high-speed, high-resolution industrial image capture, providing 1600 x 1200 pixels at a readout speed of 60 frames per second. With a broad dynamic range and excellent imaging performance, the new sensor is said to be ideal for applications where image quality and frame rate are critical, such as machine vision, industrial inspection, and medical applications. In addition, the recently announced 50-million pixel KODAK KAF-50100 Image Sensor is now available as a monochrome device, providing high-quality, ultra-high resolution for monochrome imaging applications.

“Applied imaging markets present very demanding requirements not only for sensor performance but also overall image quality,” said Michael Miller, manager of Kodak's CCD Image Sensor Business, part of the company's Image Sensor Solutions group. “With these new image sensors, we are again leveraging our latest image sensor technologies to bring critical improvements in quality and overall performance to these important markets.”

Designed in the popular 2/3″ optical format and available in both color and monochrome versions, the 2-megapixel KODAK KAI-02050 Image Sensor is the third product to be based on the new KODAK TRUESENSE 5.5 micron Interline Transfer CCD KODAK CCD Image Sensors for Applied Imaging Applications
Platform. This platform, incorporating a newly designed progressive scan 5.5 micron pixel that provides advances in pixel size, frame rate, and image quality compared to the previous generation of technology, was used previously in the development of both the 1-megapixel KODAK KAI-01050 Image Sensor and the 2-megapixel, 1080p format KODAK KAI-02150 Image Sensor. In addition to leveraging this common technology platform, all three devices share a common package, pin-out, and electrical configuration, allowing camera manufacturers to easily adapt existing camera designs to support the new device.

With an 8176 x 6132 pixel array, the monochrome version of the 50-million pixel KODAK KAF-50100 Image Sensor represents a new ultra-high resolution benchmark for monochrome imaging applications. Both the color and monochrome versions of this sensor are based on the new KODAK TRUESENSE 6.0 micron Full-Frame CCD Platform, which increases both the resolution and performance available to camera manufacturers. Using a newly designed 6.0 micron pixel, this platform provides increased data throughput for faster frame rate, a reduced “click-to-capture” time for improved camera response, and lower power consumption for improved battery life, while still retaining key performance parameters available from the previous generation of 6.8 micron pixel products.
Engineering grade devices of the KAI-02050 are currently available, with volume production planned for Q4 2008. Samples of the monochrome version of the KODAK KAF-50100 Image Sensor are available today, and the color version of this image sensor remains available and is currently in production.

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