Laird rolls out 700 MHz spectrum antenna products

St. Louis, Mo.—Laird Technologies Inc. announced its offering of 700 MHz spectrum products, including base station, customer premises equipment (CPE) and vehicular antenna designs that can be customized to fit a customer's needs.

The 700 MHz spectrum propagates through urban, suburban and rural areas, allowing for a stronger signal and better coverage in areas that were traditionally difficult for the signal to transmit.

Laird Technologies' 60-degree base sation antenna is a high-performance unit that operates across the 710 ” 790 MHz frequency band. Features include ultra low sidelobes, uniform cell coverage and a rugged carrier class construction. It is easy to install and comes with an ultra-heavy tilt mounting hardware.

The wall and window mount panel antenna is designed for broadband wireless fixed subscriber applications in the 710 ” 750 MHz frequency band. The antenna's suction cup mounting system makes it easy to install, and it has virtually no visual impact on the environment. The design of the panel antenna includes an integrated coax pigtail with various coax lengths and connector type options.

Laird Technologies' mobile antennas combine an attractive appearance and top collinear performance with the added flexibility of supporting either 75 or 50 ohm applications. They operate across the 710 ” 743 MHz frequency range and offer a vertically polarized radiation pattern that is omni-directional and symmetrical with collinear shaping in the E-plane to focus maximum radiation toward the horizon. The antenna height is 17 inches, including a sturdy plated-brass button style base. The antenna is equipped with a standard T-mount and a magnetic mount is optional.

Pricing: In quantities of 1 to 11, the J71014V00-70N costs $1,179.89 and the S7006PS12FF, $92.25.

Availability: Standard lead times are four to six weeks based on order quantity.
Datasheets: Click here.

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