Large diameter high temperature solder-in EMI filters

Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products added a high temperature version to its solder-in filter product line of 10.16mm (0.400″) diameter mounting EMI filters, with a construction able to withstand 300°C. This new solder-in filter offers increased capacitance compared to the company's miniature solder-in series, with capacitance values up to 1.2µF.

The higher cap values make this filter well suited for low to medium impedance circuits where large amounts of capacitance-to-ground can be tolerated.  The large diameter EMI filter provides excellent filtering in applications with voltage ratings of up to 400 VDC and 125 VAC/400Hz.

The filter meets or exceeds applicable portions of MIL-PRF-28861/13, and is suitable for the military/aerospace, microwave, industrial and communications markets. These filters are a lower cost alternative to competitive models and are a direct drop-in replacement. Customized versions of the solder-in filter are available with a variety of terminations, sizes and circuit configurations.

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Courtesy of EE Times Europe.

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