Laser driver optimized for blue common-cathode laser diodes

Laser driver IC-WKM is the most recent addition to IC-Haus's IC-WK series featuring a current capacity up to 350 mA and a supply voltage range up to 15 V. Optimized for M-type laser diodes (common cathode), the device permits safe continuous wave operation in particular with blue laser diodes in industrial applications, from a single supply with the laser diode case grounded.

IC-WKM was developed with the Failure Mode Effect Analysis method that draws on years of experience gleaned in the field of applications engineering. All the necessary circuitry has been integrated into the device, such as protection against reverse polarity and transients in the power supply, protection against damage caused by ESD and against excessive temperature and overcurrent.

The result is a fail-safe driver device that is easy to use and requires only four external components. The laser power is preset via a resistor; the monitor current acts as a reference and is controlled with accuracy better than 3%, regardless of the temperature or supply voltage. The driver can be run from 3.6V or greater with all types of laser diode (M/P/N).

In the event of a disturbance, such as overcurrent in the laser path with no feedback, a high-speed lockout system is activated. The shutdown continues until power is reapplied, permitting a restart. The strain on power packs and batteries is relieved and the laser class is retained even in the event of a disturbance.

The laser saver is available as an SO-8 package.

IC-Haus GmbH is an independent German manufacturer of customized ASIC semiconductor solutions. The company designs, manufacturers and sells application-specific ICs for industrial, automotive and medical applications. The IC-Haus cell libraries in bipolar, CMOS and BCD technologies are fully equipped to realize the design of Sensor-ASIC, Laser-/Opto-ASIiC and Actuator-ASIC devices. The ICs are assembled either in standard plastic packages or using chip-on-board technology to manufacture complete microsystems, multichip modules or in combination with sensors.

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WKM blue laser driver data sheet

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